They asked us to build their website.
But we designed their packages, instead.

Selva Foods is a notable name on which most of the women in Bangalore trust and swear by. When it comes to spices, spice powders, and blended powders - Selva is what they depend on, to spice up their culinary experiences in their kitchens. They say Selva adds that spiciness, a distinctive rustic taste like no other to their dishes. Selva commissioned us to design their spices and blended spice powder packages. And the designs which we gave them; they loved them so much so that they entrusted us to design their website. We started with one of their spices, but ended up doing Selva’s range of offerings. And of course, we did their website as well.

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After hours & hours of pestle pounding,
we hit upon a spicy packaging design.

What goes inside every Selva pack is elaborately sourced from the curious parts of majestically spread India. We thought of bringing this aspect; a bit of Indianness into Selva’s range of spices, and blended spice powders’ packaging designs. After studying various design elements that are a part of our rich tradition at length, we picked a cue that we strongly felt: should be there on every Selva’s package! The design that’s arrived at is a fine-blend of various design nuances, which have been associated with our culture, since time immemorial.

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Web & Digital

Gave their website a distinctive aroma,
of freshly pounded rustic spices.

Selva’s website is something very close to our heart. For many reasons. As we can proudly claim; that it’s a website that’s a class apart, in its category. You can almost smell the freshly pounded spices’ aroma on their website! All the efforts that we have had put in, was really worth it at the end. The client was super happy. Something which we are really proud about. Take pride in. And the icing on the cake? Selva’s website was one of the finalists at FOXGLOVE AWARDS 2018, and a nominee at AWWWARDS.COM 2018. Do we have to say more about Selva’s website?

We ended up adding
tons & tons of demand for the brand.

The website we had designed for Selva was greatly appreciated by the client. A couple of shortlists it enjoyed at the reputed creative award functions is a testament to our creativity. Not just this. Our package deigns for Selva, boosted its reputation comprehensively amongst Selva’s distributors significantly. Added a new army of distributors to Selva’s rapidly growing distribution channel. Consumers of Spices and blended spice powders were in awe with our package designs. So much so that our thoughtfully designed package designs impacted their sales; increasing it by three times! We’re glad to have augmented the horizons of the brand’s reach, with our – creative touch and understanding.

In a marketplace, where creative marketing platforms are literally saturated, Design Juice has carved a niche for themselves, with their enigmatic ability – to strike a chord with customers’ expectations and translate it into qualitative, creative output. Selva Foods association with Design Juice as our advertising agency has been fruitful. Truly, they have mastered their craft and know precisely what it takes to stand out in the crowd. Kudos to the Team DJ!!!

Shabad Olassery - Executive Director Selva Foods