They had apartments to sell,
and we, smart ideas to tell.

After creating buzz in real estate for over five years, Eminence wanted to give back to the prospective homebuyers fully furnished smart apartments. We were tasked to make it as creatively visible as possible in print, OOHs and digital across Mysore, Karnataka. Our many brainstorming sessions led to this interesting proposition – ‘Come as you are’. Which became their top marketing and communications panel’s favourite. Obviously, the end result was overwhelming for the client, and a creative high for us.

  • Background & Goals
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Print Advertising
  • OOH
  • Digital



We gave them a campaign,
they’d never seen before.

To make this campaign break the clutter and grab the homebuyers’ attention in Mysore, we decided to take the over the top route – ‘Come as you are’. The rationale behind this campaign was as these homes were fully furnished, it doesn’t matter whatever they may be busy doing at this very moment, leaving all that behind they could just move in as they are! And it broke the clutter and how!

‘Come as you are’ campaign,
forged a brand new relationship.

Thanks to the overloaded quirkiness the ‘Come as you are’ campaign had. It undeniably, broke through the clutter with its sheer cheekiness. The campaign only augmented the trust client had reposed in us. And they have started to task us with many tactical briefs. We are more than happy to work on their brand’s communication requirement on a daily basis. The ‘Come as you are’ campaign just forged our relationship with the client. We couldn’t have asked for more!