We gave birth to a brand

Moon Maternity is a newly born healthcare brand. In a quick span of time, they have made their presence felt in the cities they are operating in. Some of their core state-of-the-art services include Maternity care, Women Care and most importantly, Newborn Care. We have built this brand with utmost care, right from their 'pregnancy' days. We mean to say, from their Logo to Collaterals, Print to Digital Campaigns. Thus, we have given it a distinctive identity with our creative touch and in-depth branding knowledge.

  • Background & Goals
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Visual Identity
  • Message & Tone
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Online Strategy & Planning
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Campaigns
  • Social Media Engagement



The latent phase

You take any big brand. They have one thing in common – simple, yet creatively striking logo. Logo is undoubtedly the face of a brand. We sat through numerous brainstorming sessions to arrive at their logo’s first look. And the pain was really worth all our efforts. Finally, we created a logo that’s a perfect blend of Moon and womb; with an infant resting inside. The rationale behind it is – Moon signifies womanism and the phases of moon, a woman’s journey of becoming a mother. The letter ‘O’ subtly highlights the brand’s core service – mother care – concept in the logo. So taking into account competitors’ look and feel we zeroed on Pink color as the brand's color. As it is a sign of hope and a feminine color.

Internal &


Web & Digital

Womb full of strategy

Website is the womb of a brand. It has to be in sync with brand’s identity, philosophy and its offering. The challenge was to design a user-friendly website that looks great on computer and mobile screens. We came up with a website layout that’s easy on the eyes with minimalistic content. And a color theme that blends perfectly with the brand’s core services.

Celebrating Womanhood

We did a campaign especially for Women’s Day for Moon Maternity. And it created quite a stir on Moon Maternity’s page, for all the right reasons. The followers of the page just loved the concept and it brought new visitors to the page. The concept was about present generation’s women, their free-spiritedness, way of living, unconditional caring nature, compassion towards loved ones and others. This was a successful campaign and received an overwhelming response. The page got over two thousand likes and over hundreds of new followers.


To highlight the importance of teachers in students' lives. We came up with a concept that's inspired by ‘home is the first school and mother is its teacher’. So, the digital post was targeted specifically to female teachers and male teachers in general. In less than a day’s time it garnered over 2,500 Likes which even surprised us! It got enormous response on Facebook. Needless to say, this campaign was very well-received.

  • social-media-1

    World Tuberculosis Day

    To create awareness about Tuberculosis among the people, on World Tuberculosis Day we did a Facebook post for Moon Maternity. The route we took was a pun on Shakespeare’s famous phrase ‘To be or not to be’ as ‘TB or not TB’. The pun helped in spreading the awareness about TB amongst Moon Maternity page followers. And it was also peppered with important tips about do’s and don’ts, to curb Tuberculosis from spreading. With a word of courage to those who’re diagnosed with TB at the end.

  • World Health Day

    To stress upon the menace that obesity is fast-becoming world over, we created an interesting post on World Health Day for Moon Maternity. As we all know, children and teens nowadays are insanely addicted to their mobiles, computers, laptops – to constantly check out their Facebook accounts, to play games. And this addiction of theirs is taking toll on their physical bodies, as there is not much of physical activity. Thus, leading to increase in the obesity rates among them. Hence, to highlight this serious issue we used their very own addiction – Facebook, to draw their attention.


    Incredible outcome

    Our efforts for Moon Maternity has made it one of the reputed and fastest growing specialty hospital chains in Bangalore. And we are propelling it to newer heights by giving it a creative push on social media every day. We are doing so with our well-though-out digital posts, creative campaigns that keep its followers constantly engaged with the brand. Work that we’re creating for the brand is helping it progress to the next level. And we strongly believe this is just a start.

    I like three things in you guys. Reliability, flexibility and more importantly freshness in the ideas.
    I wish you all the best.

    Manjunatha Bhatta - Director Moon Maternity