We invested our heart and soul
into Fidelis CM

Our challenge was to promote Fidelis Capital Markets’ financial products amongst their retail and institutional clients. And to instill them firmly in the forex market, drive home their core attributes like razor-sharp focus, persistent perseverance, consistency, transparency. Unwavering commitment to get their clients as well as customers – the best financial results. So we gave the brand a distinguished voice that aptly stood for what they did and importantly what they stood for. The creative campaign which we did touched upon all these vital attributes quite perfectly and effectively.

  • Background & Goals
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Visual Identity
  • Message & Tone
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Online Strategy & Planning
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Design & Development
  • Campaigns
  • Social Media Engagement

In the sportsman’s sweat
we saw an idea

We saw the brand’s principles in the disciplined sportsman. As the success of a sportsman lies in his strong self-belief, dogged determination and the unflinching trust he has on his own abilities. So we morphed all these into a sports themed impressive campaign. The same theme that was bursting with energy was adapted to all their visual identities, designs. All with a hint of sports' element thrown in. The campaign made the investors sit up and take notice. It changed the perception they’d towards FidelisCM. The end result surpassed all their expectations.

Fidelis CM

Forex Broker

Internal &


Web & Digital

turned online, into our playground

The brief for us was to make their website look as professional as possible. Instill unwavering confidence amongst the potential clients. After weighing various possibilities, we narrowed on WordPress platform. As it’s easy to manage, fully responsive and has CMS solution to it. We gave the website a distinctive makeover that separated it from the rest. Focus was to make it look easy on the eye, user-friendly and super responsive. We delivered on all these and way beyond.

In order to foster Fidelis' reach and further their growth in the market, we took to regular and seasonal EDM blasts.
It garnered great response and got decent conversions.


It was a podium finish

After the brand revamp, we put our best foot forward with a very strong message. And it resonated quite well with the brand’s core values and it was very well received too. We managed to build a vantage like platform which enhanced and widened the brand’s reach internationally. Needless to say, the end result was flabbergasting. The transactional based digital media campaigns we had plugged in started to bear fruit; bring in the returns on their investment. It brought in over 4000 plus leads. To be precise.

DESIGN JUICE is creatively unique in the entire scope of their service offerings. DESIGN JUICE is vital component delivering excellent visualizations and functional creative proposition. There is fluid synchronization from briefing to product delivery as DESIGN JUICE working architecture is based on flexibility and professionalism. We appreciate working with DESIGN JUICE because of their reliability, stellar concepts, support and avant-garde designs. DESIGN JUICE has a team of dedicated professionals who work as a cohesive unit delivering outstanding solutions in a continuum. Our association with DESIGN JUICE has given us stunning results in mapping success and growth.

Mr. Sridhar Murthy - CEO Fidelis Capital Markets