We took the goddess
to every home's threshold

Dhanalakshmi is a promising retail chain brand from the coastal part of Uttara Kannada. That does business with both kitchen appliances and home appliances. Their target group is middle and upper middle-class. And their vision is to make the best kitchen and home appliances affordable to the middle-class people. Our challenge was to give Dhanalakshmi a distinctive modern outlook. Come up with a well thought through comprehensive brand strategy. Crack a creative campaign that differentiated it from the rest. Basically, it was as good as recreating the brand itself. We created effective marketing and advertising campaigns in vernacular language. They struck the right chord with the consumers of that belt. The response to these campaigns was really astounding. Our simple and clear communication has had done the trick for the brand.

  • Background & Goals
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Visual Identity
  • Message & Tone
  • Brand Guidelines
  • ATL & BTL Communication
  • Online Strategy & Planning
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Campaigns
  • Social Media Engagement



We put our imagination into a mixer jar

Every brand should have its very own essence. An idiosyncratic identity is a must for any brand. We blended the brand’s core values – Honesty, Focus and Support into a triangular shape lookalike logo. That in an angle also stood for their wide range of products to pick from and their connectedness to modernity. And when looked through imaginative eyes it also looks like a paper windmill. To drive home the thought that it brings joy into the consumers’ lives.



Web & Digital

We cooked a web strategy in the kitchen

Armed with the understanding of the brand’s nitty-gritty, we were entrusted to build an effective website for it. Before getting into the action we charted out a style guide for the brand when we were designing the layout. We developed a website that not just looked appealing, but also had the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap responsive technologies. And voila! We had built a website that differentiated it from the rest. It boosted the brand’s online presence and gave its image that much needed spike.


The communication of the brand’s newest showroom opening in Sirsi Town was interestingly done. We weaved in the Dussehra festival gusto into this launch. It added a festive celebratory mood in and around the new showroom. The campaign had the blend of both the festivity and the local fair’s hint in it. Before the launch day we ran a campaign on Facebook for 7 days. The campaign was well received by the people residing in and around Sirsi town. Its Facebook page raked in over 800 Likes during this launch period. And the result – the launch day witnessed an astonishing number of footfalls inside the showroom. Needless to say, the client was more than happy for our efforts.

The outcome was - empty shelves!

The outcome was really phenomenal. The footfalls across all the outlets were on the rise and it had the domino’s effect on the sales. Their sales team was extremely happy as the products were flying off their shelves quickly than they’d expected. Our successful campaigns gave the brand a visibility, an image, a positioning, and most importantly built trust towards the brand. All these key factors morphed into a proposition that created a strong space for the brand in their consumers’ minds. The people residing in that belt were successfully introduced to the brand. It gave the brand that push that propelled it into next level. Thus, we made this brand a promising one and stand on its own in the market.

We had good experience working with DESIGN JUICE. As I understood, if we provide proper brief on our requirement, DESIGN JUICE team will come-up with the innovative ideas and good creatives on every requirement. Their commitment towards work is exceptional, as they delivered the creatives and designs even on holidays.

While opening our Sirsi shop, they came up with "Coming Soon" campaign for Social Media platform and hoardings and flayers. Social Media campaigns really created a buzz. Festival season ads increased our new customer walk-ins and positively affected our sales.

Mr. Ashok Patel - MD Dhanalakshmi Retails Pvt. Ltd.