We checked its heartbeats

Tathagat Heart Care Center is a premium cardiac care centre of excellence in Bangalore. Their motto is to provide the best heart care service to the people of Karnataka especially in and around Bangalore. We were tasked to develop a brand new brand identity design: which complements the brand name “Tathagat”, their host of heart care services and make them standout as a trustworthy heart care services’ provider.

  • Background & Goals
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Visual Identity
  • Message & Tone
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Web Strategy & Planning
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Design & Development

Heart care


Set our hearts on it

Tathagat (Tathagata) is a Sanskrit word meaning either ‘one who has thus gone’ (tathā-gata) or ‘one who has thus come’ (tathā-āgata). It has a number of possible meanings too. Inspired by this we tried to give Tathagat name a fresh perspective, a brand new possibility. And it all came out quite interestingly at the end. Just the way we had envisioned.

Heart was flexible to adapt

We brought to life an identity that looked distinctive and had deeper meaning to it. And it was easy to implement across all the marketing collateral. The design that we cracked took the brand name to another level from the branding perspective. We arrived at a unique design in the shape of heart. It stood aptly for ‘Agata and ‘Gata’ which means comes and goes. As heart is all about blood being pumped in and out. We brought this insight into the creative by using overlapped multiple parallel lines. Needless to say it was very well appreciated by the client.

As the design was well thought through it was easy to adapt across all the mediums like corporate stationary, marketing collaterals, uniforms, OOHs et al. Also, brand’s core principles like unwavering trust, loyalty, world-class services were too steadfastly maintained over all their branding requirements.

Young at heart website

Websites should be built with a proper structure yet flexible enough for any swift changes. That’s the hallmark of a successful web strategy. So keeping this in mind, we developed the website with integrated Content Management System, WordPress technology and Bootstrap Responsive Layout. What's more, it was super user-friendly too.

Outcome made hearts skip a beat

We finished off the things in style. Right from the first thought of its design till the super responsive website, the work we did was super exciting – for both client and us as well. The marketing collaterals, the pieces of communication and the website we created, achieved the set objectives effectively. For the kind of creative work we did, the client couldn’t have asked for more. This is a branding outcome which’s very close to our hearts.