We gave a distinctive voice
to their walls

Deccan Group is a promising realty group that builds premium abodes that are opulently designed passionately built. It is a group that is not just built with bricks, but on unwavering trust that’s 25 years old. The blueprint for us was to give their walls a unique voice. An identity that stands as tall as their opulent buildings. We created a distinctive identity that set them apart from the rest. And the communication we tailored perfectly mirrored what the group and their offerings stood for.

  • Background & Goals
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Visual Identity
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Print Advertising
  • Copy & Content



weaved our message
around their nests

Deccan Habitat is undoubtedly an opulent project that came from the house of Deccan Group. Being strategically located in Yeshwantpur it had to be a luxury affair. The mandate for us was to fan the fire. Give Deccan Habitat a distinctive identity, to make it a luxurious desire to own. To position it as homes that reside in nature. That’s why it was branded as Habitat, with a befitting tagline – Distinct Living. We simply married living in nature with Deccan’s core value – affordable luxury. And the result was astonishing. 

built Deccan Habitat straw by straw

Like a bird that builds its nest painstakingly by intertwining the straws. The Deccan habitat’s logo was thought of in a similar fashion. The ‘Crown’ symbolizes regality and distinctiveness, and the golden ‘petals of lotus’ triangle hints that it’s a community living for a select few. Post that we designed a half page ad to call for nature lovers who want to reside in the nature: Deccan Habitat. A full-page paper insertion to talk about Deccan Habitat’s opulent living at length. The communication brought in a fair share of leads for their sales team. Not just that it also built a glittering image in the minds of the potential house-buyers.



We finished on a high note

The communication that we’d devised ticked all the boxes. Made it the most desired thing in the entire Yeshwanthpur during the campaign’s run. Our message got an overwhelming response. It kept the mobiles of the sales team ringing. The trust on Deccan Group became stronger and deeper. Deccan Habitat was successfully positioned as luxury abodes with a dash of nature.

We at Deccan Group are associated with Design Juice MarCom (P) Ltd for over three years. They are our preferred partners for designing all our marketing collaterals and may it be Print Ads, Website or Hoarding. Their team is professional and goes an extra mile to ensure communication reaches the right audiences. Every piece of work is of high quality and meticulously thought out in order to appeal to the targeted segment. They deliver the most relevant information in a format easily consumable for the decision-making process and communicate complex messages in a simple and attractive way.

The out of the box thinking, eye-catching and original creatives deliver good mileage and best value for every rupee spent on the medium. DESIGN JUICE Team headed by Mr. Sandeep truly goes above and beyond and care about their clients’ business. We remain impressed and grateful to the team.

Vinay Ranganatha - CEO M/s Deccan Group