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Behind the Scenes

With the sweeping advances in medical science in recent times the total perception of administering healthcare has gone through a major refurbishment. Great attention has been paid recently to the need for interoperability in health care information systems. Moon Maternity is the one.

Moon Maternity needed an innovative brand identity method and long-term tactical companion to help them promote their hospitals in Tier II cities like Hubli, Belgaum etc. Included in this were a multi-channel healthcare marketing campaigns to launch their new, expanded Women’s Care services like Gynecology care, Maternity care and Neonatal care.

The Client

Very well illustrative, planned, proper vision and with no complexity in understanding. So, the outcome of brand was efficient and extremely easy to reach.

The objective was to remind a sense of luxury and approachability to the brand and make it standout from other healthcare services. Bringing sympathy, care into the picture and their willingness to adapt with the change in the trend of the healthcare services.

Why Change?

An in-depth analysis and study of its creative communication strategies revealed that there was great potential to position Moon Maternity in a refreshing way and in the minds to public. To increase the brand opinion, we refurbished the communication approach. This was followed by a completely new design approach.

The best means for spreading awareness was to understand the patients and push it as an important opinion. Beyond all, it was obvious that a determined and fundamental approach was important to communicate with the possible objectives.

The Solution

The name Moon Maternity, combination of moon and stars, was just perfect for the brand since maternity is what was being prolonged. Easy to speak, easy to recollect, Moon Maternity has developed a term identical with women’s care.

The brand identity was established with pink as it is favorite color for women’s. Pink being a promise that promotes harmony of mind.