Everything looks better in person. Doesn’t it?

Big brands are made on highways, where the viewer is most receptive to the creative advertising that billboards offer.

Think about what billboards have done for you: decided where you should eat, helped you grab a drink, told you what’s in fashion, and even pushed you to go visit a mall. Simply put, they have done everything to make brands a household name.

Billboards have been instrumental in helping business find customers and customers find businesses.

Undoubtedly billboards are fantastic communicators, and at DEISGN JUICE one of our most promising services are outdoor billboard adverts for your company. Whether you own a small establishment or a large multinational corporation we have a solution for you that will fit you like a glove.

It’s only when your company is out there shown to the entire world through billboards that people understand you mean business and that you are here to stay.

Outdoor billboards are a very efficient way to show what your company is and what it can do for your customers.

At DESIGN JUICE we offer three specific kinds of billboards to engage your customers and give you the comfort of choice.


Bulletins are simple, smart quick one-liners for people driving by; they make a short crisp statement and get the job done

JR Posters

JR posters are best suited for companies/outlets that want to draw customers to their outlet nearby


Posters need no introduction, these the most preferred kind of billboards and make a bold statement about a company.

Much more than just text and graphics

Placement of the billboard that shows your company in the right light is one of the most important part of outdoor advertisement. Your prospective customers should have the image of the billboard they just saw long after they pass it by.

At DesignJuice we know what it takes imprint your company’s profile on your viewers mind. Our billboards are designed to entice, they will have your viewers watch out and wait expectantly to see a new advert from you.

Once you engage with us, there is just no looking back down as your company’s popularity shoots through the roof. The more popular you get the better business you make, especially since your company is out there in every major locality.

We will help you get the kind of recognition that would make your business rivals wish they weren’t your competitors.

The DESIGN JUICE advantage

We are a bunch of dedicated hard working people who will deliver no matter what. When it comes to making your company look beautiful and make the world see for what it is, we are as good as it can get.

Precision is the route to success

The art of visualization is used before implementation. Our employees will have the mental picture of what your company will be even before they start and when they finish and the product will speak for itself.

Your growth is our pride

It is not always easy to promote a company but at DesignJuice we house an excellent product execution team in the city. Whether you are a start-up company or a well-established organization, outdoor billboards are your best bets to make your presence felt.

Get the impact of outdoor marketing with the flexibility of internet advertising. Using newest technology and the latest concepts, we offer billboards that boast of vibrant colors and crystal clear images.



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