What was once a static mode of information exchange has evolved in to a fun interactive experience

Before we begin, we have a few questions for you:

Is your website is still using the same techniques that were used years ago?

Are you looking to for a sleek interface for your app?

Does your mobile app lack an interactive presence?

If you have answered a yes to any of these then you have landed at the right page. At DESIGN JUICE we bring together design, technical and cognitive skills to deliver positive user experiences for your customers.

The first impression of your product should be reactive and informative. Clean layouts with easy navigations are necessary for your user to understand the product features and map it with his needs.

Creating an experience that meets as many needs and goals as possible

UI or User Interface developers design your products and try to implement how a simple online user can benefit from the different elements of design. We design solutions that help your user to remember the honest and simple design of your product and memorize your brand just to come back and visit again.

One of the primary goals of our design teams is to make your product consumable. Each product built is designed keeping the user in mind. Easy to use, intuitive products get a lot more popular as they reduce learning time and bring down support cost significantly. Having a good design will also reduce your development time; our techniques are applied at the early stages of development so they are bound to improve customer satisfaction.

The DESIGN JUICE Experience

Web Design

If you are a website owner you want your website to attract the maximum online traffic and have a terrific website conversion ratio. It is best that you trust someone with experience and knowledge to develop the right solution for your website.

Now this is where we come into the picture. We would put all our efforts to build you a website that has stunning visual design, high usability and better interactions.

Mobile Apps

Our experts from DESIGN JUICE help to develop and maintain specific measurements and detailed specs to create Android Wear UI components for your mobile apps.

Using technologies like User Interface Design-Framework our designers customize the user interface using various graphic styles, minimal vector icons and design interfaces as per your personal requirements.

It’s all about perfection

Most people tend to get a little carried away while implementing UI designs. A word of caution to be added here is that familiar things in a website or an app should appear in a similar manner. For example the company logo should always be displayed in the upper right side of the web, the log-out button or the close button is preferred at the right corners.

A partnership with this Bangalore based company and its experienced team brings together knowledge,passion, creative talents and strategic planning. Give us an opportunity to bring your visions and goals to life on the highway to the global marketplace.

We keep the basics of designs intact and do not let creativity go overboard and confuse them.

DESIGN JUICE has partnered many online success stories in recent times. We would thus encourage you to give us an opportunity where we can design your website and web applications and take you to the next level of your online business – all this in a matter of few weeks.

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