People who make sure they get to know about what they are buying tend to be more satisfied with what they buy

Microsites or mini-sites were introduced to make sure the consumer knew about the product in depth.

It is very hard to explain an entire build of a product in one webpage. To eliminate this problem microsites are created to give a better understanding of every part that makes a product. This works our perfectly for companies who deal with complex products and have a tough time explaining their product to their customer in detail.

Handling information overload

Microsites are a necessity as websites cannot be overloaded with information and made unattractive. Instead they use microsites that are implemented within the website; often the microsite isn’t even connected to the main server if they are temporary.

Here is why we think microsites make a great solution:

  • Microsites are also used for editorial purposes .Data can be edited seamlessly, and in real time need for downtime.
  • They are also a medium of contextual advertising. Pay per click ads which are usually featured on microsites is one of the greatest ways to put your product out there.
  • Micrositesalso contain sub domains, so you can add in as much info as you like without taking away the wow factor from your website.

Product promotion leads to business

Promoting a product you have to offer is the very essential in order to sweep out your competition. To stay on the top of the market people need to know what your company has to offer. Microsites can be used to put up offers that the company provides on their products on a temporary basis and can be taken out of the servers once the period is over.

Microsites are the part of the rapidly modernizing evolution of the internet. With technology by your side everything only moves forward,just likethe success of your company. With the help of ourhighly trained programming masters backing us, we are determined to help youreach out global using the most advanced technologies.


At DEISGN JUICE we bring technical, strategic and creative skills to every project we engage in. Microsites are fantastic for organizations that are looking to achieve specific communication goals and help you reach out to a greater audience in a much effective manner.

Here is why you need microsites:

  • Everytime your customer clicks on a call to action, a microsite gets to work and connects them to all the information they need while making their decisions
  • They are used instead of a landing page in scenarios where crucial and sensitive information like credit card details need to be captured.
  • They are great at tracking individual campaigns as they give you the flexibility to tie them with specific communications

DESIGN JUICE is an aspiring company which breathes through the trust and respect of our customers. Delivering a top notch product is just as important for us,as it is for our dear customers.Research shows that having a great microsite tagged with your website is four times more effective than a tried and tested marketing campaign. Isn’t that enough to make you get in touch with us?

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