Web development is to the internet, what the internet is to the world.

When an interface was needed to run the internet, Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) was introduced to provide an interaction. After a while people lost interest in web pages because they were visually unfulfilling. Soon there were Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to provide a more visually rich interface called Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The better your interface was the more people visited your website and that’s how it’s been working even today. As approved by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C),HTML and CSS were and are the strongest foundations that support a well-developed website.

Today everything has to be modernized

Websites especially need constant modifications and updates in order to keep up with the competition. This is where DesignJuice comes into play - a group of India’s finest professionals who are committed to workhard and present a powerful and user friendly web environment.

Think Revolutionary. Think DESIGN JUICE

At DESIGN JUICE we are proficient in HTML5 and CSS3 -the newest languages in their development history. Being the newest they have the power to create and support stunning animations/interfaces for websites. Both HTML5 and CSS3 are so diverse that their programmers are constantly looking to use them indifferent ways to build intriguing web environments.

The HTML5 and CSS3 magic

  • With the help of HTML5 and CSS3 we have developed sites that are extremely responsive. i.e. they can be accessed from any platform your customer chooses : mobiles, PDA’s home computers, tablets etc.
  • At DESIGN JUICE make the best use of the technologies we offer and know how to make them work for you.Our websites can handle video streaming, GIFs, etc., and are open to many more integrations
  • We use HTML5 to create sophisticated internet applications within the website
  • Animations like 3D rotation, scaling and translations are managed using CSS3. Ever since Flash was replaced by CSS3 the design of the interfaces has been taken to whole new level. Websites are divided into layouts using CSS3 to grant seamless access to exactly what the user is looking for

Organization is the key factor when it comes to designing a website that is a visual treat. The key is to know and understand how to provide an easy access to everything that is available on the website, without cramming the home page.

The internet is a world dominating invention to the entirety of earth.

It is the age where everything is being copied, web designs, ideas, concepts and content too, you could blame the internet for everything or get ahead of your competitors by developing an identifiable and trustworthy brand.

Sites are re-visited on the basis of impression and experience. Our firm won't quit until the customer has experienced the supremacy of the website designed. An attractive first impression is what we promise our clients.

A partnership with this Bangalore based company and its experienced team brings together knowledge,passion, creative talents and strategic planning. Give us an opportunity to bring your visions and goals to life on the highway to the global marketplace.

Dedication to our work is what gives us the confidence to impress you.

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