It’s the “Information Era” and the only thing that will keep you going strong is “Content”.

Content has the power to make your information go viral across geographic boundaries or fall dud and restrict you in your own space. With everything being globalized, restrictions are not very encouraging are they?

What it takes to set you free

At DESIGN JUICE we have been creating and designing websites powered by CMS for quite a while now. A lot has changed since the time we started but we have ensured that we stay ahead of the curve.

Power up with WordPress

Ok, we are being honest with you, we absolutely love WordPress! It is Opensource (which means no additional license fees for you), it is popular (boasts of over 60 million installations) and it is infinitely customizable.

Technically, the support network for WordPress is enormous, so you have people continuously improving the software and making it more powerful. At DESIGN JUICE we are WordPress experts; we will design a custom theme for you and then use the might of WordPress to create a product that you have complete control of.

Here is what we can do for you using WordPress

  • Installation and configuration
  • Develop Blogs or Websites
  • Plug-ins/ components implementation/ modules
  • Modification and development
  • Multi user and corporate blogging
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Theme Integration
  • Theme Programming
  • Responsive WordPress development

All things Joomla

As leaders in CMS services we know the importance and effectiveness of knowledge in various technologies. With a constant fire to learn new things we stand tall as Joomla experts.

We are firm believers that only a website built with passion ends up being a great website. Our graphic and technical expertise coupled with SEO skills spell out success. Joomla is all about building a fully functional website in the shortest time frame, and that is exactly what we do.

Did you say Why DESIGN JUICE?

We have been working for a while now, and in our experience we seen a lot of CMS options and found that most of these are just generic websites and are not built keeping the demographic in mind.

Websites, especially e-commerce ones demand us to consider where you are from and who your target audience is. This crucial information will help us deal with taxes, discounts, payments, currencies and shipping more specifically. Our approach to CMS is to develop websites that will work for your specific requirements and organizations.

That Apart:

Honestly, fairness and respect are our most valued traits. Whether you’re a new enthusiastic member in our team, our most important client or one of our co –founders, at DESIGN JUICE everyone is treated with the same amount of respect.We know that these traits contribute in doing a fantastic job and having fun all the way.

We can continue talking about our work but we prefer doing this in person, get in touch with us or just give us a call, we will take it forward from there.



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