Perfect Communication Model for New-Age Marketing

Technology has truly changed the way we communicate and do business. The communication model has changed from ‘person-to-person,’ to ‘person-to-machine,’ to ‘machine-to-person’ and now to a ‘machine-to-machine’ type of interaction. Yet, the basics of every communication model remain the same: Let us take this up one at a time: The Killer Message (for Marketing Communication) The effectiveness of ...

8 Killer Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Marketing Brochure

Marketing brochures continue to be an integral part of the traditional printed documents used to draw attention of the prospects. As a direct marketing medium, marketing brochures have undergone a sea change in recent times, with digital channels making a huge impact. Here are 8 never failing tips to set your marketing brochure on a winning ...

Strengthen your Web App Security with 6 best practices

The world of Web Applications is really small. And the vulnerability looms every time you share data or migrate across the platforms. Going by the rate at which hackers are bringing down businesses, it is obvious that the importance of Web App security is the most important ammunition in protecting fortunes and ideas from drudgery. Securing ...

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Healthcare Branding Case Study: Moon Maternity

Moon Maternity is a chain of maternity hospitals that promises to provide quality care with state-of-the-art facility for all customers. They offer comprehensive medical services ranging from Gynecology, Maternity and Neonatal care to meet the unique health needs of women at all stages. The Solution: Our objective was to give them a new outlook and a brand ...

Why Responsive Web Design is the need of Year 2015?

Year 2015 is the time of smart technology i.e. smart phone, tablets and easy to carry other internet enabled gadgets i.e. palmtop/ laptops. All these devices are internet enabled that’s why responsive web design is no longer an option but it is the requirement. Few eye catching facts why we need responsive web design- Mobile Usage- Use ...