People, Product and Process

Dedicated approaches to make these three cores aspects work singularly to the success of your company.

Having a lengthy complicated workflow explaining every single step in details seems by the book, but over a period of time and with change of hands, several segments of such processes get redundant and un-necessary. That's why we keep our processes very clean and simple.Each of our service category has a simple, time tested process flow that is reviewed and updated periodically.

Alright! You caught us, a simple process doesn't work all the time.

And yet, we are proud of our processes, and that is because they give us enough room to incorporate necessary information and validations that differ for each client. Our services are bespoke, so we cannot stand stiff and not accommodate your inputs, we believe in talking to you, getting to know your perspective and then coming up with a custom process that will lead to exceptional execution and delivery.

We plan for your business according to your budget but without fazing the quality of outcome you expected from us. Our forte lies in creating something unique for every client irrespective of their monetary standing and size of the business. We have our expert team that are all ears for your concerns and they never flinch from offering an honest opinion. We design, create and organize activities that will serve your purpose and push your company to new heights.

Blending services with perfection

Our core process lies the same, and usually follows a fixed path, variations depend on the customers' obligations and their way of working, to put it in a nut shell, here is what we do:

Identify your audience

If you have more than one target groups, we will help you prioritize them and profile them to come up with a game plan that will help you use your resources and budget in the most efficient manner

Set the objectives

It's all about defining what your company needs.

Decide on the best marketing strategy

Most often, a perfect mix of marketing activities deliver optimal results.

Talk and agree about the budget

We do not want your costs to spiral out of control, so spending time on developing a good budget is time well spent.

Put all the plans in action

Smart tactics and careful execution, Design Juice is all about perfection

Measure your success

After all the hard-work, let's sit back and see the magic unfolding

At DESIGN JUICE we also develop robust tools that aim cycle time reduction of your process and make it more accurate and sustainable. We believe in doing away with the obsolete ways of working and bring in a fresh perspective that can’t be overlooked.

For us collaborating with clients isn’t only about delivering specific needs, it also entails the scope of improvement. Every project that we successfully accomplish enhancesthe exposure and experience in our possession andhelps us take something back for ourselves.

With DESIGN JUICE it’s all about smart thinking and not hefty spending.



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