Scrolling back through the pages of time, we see ourselves in an age where dial-up was the best way of connecting to the internet, social media did not exist, search marketing was just opening its eyes and newspapers made all the money.

It did not take a genius to know that the future of digital would shine bright, but it took a really talented bunch of visionaries to sit together and launch a new breed of digital agency that tapped into the brands, their marketing as well as the more complex workings of the World Wide Web.

Then there was DESIGN JUICE

As the internet grew up (in seconds literally!), it changed lives, it got complicated, scary and yet pivotal to brands and their marketing strategies. For most companies, the digital world is still a scary place, one wrong message and their brand can go spiraling downwards. Pretty soon, we found ourselves, managing customer messages, publishing and selling digital services in the modern E-cosystem.

Being “connected” on the social space is a necessity, but this “connectedness” is both your friend and foe. At DESIGN JUICE, we play it cool, with marketing in our blood and coffee on out tables, we know how to make digital work for you.

What we do is important for you

Your customer is never more than a few meters away from a device, or minutes from doing something with it. All of us are always connected, so if your brand needs attention, you should too.

That’s where we come in, an agency that is always on!

We have championed digital, while the rest of the world followed traditions; we looked over them and did what works best for our clients.

With a passion of transforming technologies and a penchant for social shifts, we have a clear understanding of platforms, social,mobile, content, data and campaigns and an insight to bring them together.

We live to the fullest, we learn every day and we are inspired by the future. No matter what the future of media brings in, we are on it.



July 5, 2016, 5:55 pm | 1 Comments

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